Creating Colour lists

Creating,printing and editing colorlists.

ColorList: Creating your collection colours

With the ColorList PlugIn you will easily mix collection colors and create color charts.

you can choose your colours using a shading tool that allows  printing these colours in order to judge the paper output,

The colors can also  be defined by entering color values , RGB or CMYK

ColorList saves its color cards in Swatch format (.aco). This means that all color cards can be used in Photoshop’s Swatches palette.

And: ColorList can print Swatch files! In the layout module, you specify the desired settings. In addition to the color boxes, the printouts also contain name and color value.

MacOSX und Windows



ColorList: Farben anmischen

Swatch Liste erstellen

Creating Colourways

Collection colours can be defined in different ways:

1. Shading tool : a 4 colour shading tool to help you to find the right colours

2. RGB- and CMYK-input: you type in the RGB or CMYK values of a known colour.

3. Using the System Colorpicker: either the apple or windows standard colorpicker to choose a color..

you then drop the colour in the colourist to add it to your collection colours. That list can be saved as an .ACO swatch  file.

Swatch® Colourlists (.aco)

you can open, use and even modify photoshop Swatch files with colorlist. This allows you to use the

Pantone® lists distributed with photoshop, or bought separately, as all other swatch files you normally use i Photoshop®

Second Color list

In Colorlist, you can work with two color collections open at the same time, so that you can drag and drop

colours from one list to another, combining colours from precedent collections to create a new one.

Printing Colorlists

You may print any swatch colour collection from Colorlist , and choose what information about your colours will be printed out,

(colour stripe, colour name, RGB and CMYK values of the colour)

Searching for a color in the shading palette

To help you to find the right colour, the shading palettes  can be printed out . The printout shows a sample of each colour and

the corresponding RGB values.


Mit dem ColorList PlugIn erhalten Sie ebenfalls ein Farbbuch mit ca. 64.000 Farbtönen. Das Farbbuch liegt im PDF Format vor und kann auf Ihrem speziellen Drucker ausgegeben werden.

Das Farbbuch erleichtert Ihnen das Finden der richtigen Farbnuancen passend zu Ihrer Vorlage. Da es auf Ihrem Drucker augedruckt wurde -unter Einhaltung der Farbmanagementrichtlinien- haben Sie eine umfassende Auswahlmöglichkeit, um Kollektionsfarben und Papierfarben abzugleichen.

Unter jedem Farbkästchen steht wieder der RGB-Wert der Farbe, damit diese im Farbmischer eingegeben werden kann.