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Software for fashion and textile design

We are THE provider when it comes to the use of Adobe software in the textile industry. TRIADEM specializes in the use of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to create collections in the field of fashion and textile design.

Fashion and textile design plugins for Adobe Photoshop

The TRIADEM StylePlugs are add-on modules for Adobe Photoshop.

Design your fabric designs directly in Photoshop! Take advantage of Photoshop’s world-class workspace and extend it with the Textile Design Plug-ins to create repeats, color variations and fabric designs!

The TRIADEM StylePlugs are the ideal tool for fashion and textile designers who create their designs with standard graphics software. There are plug-ins for print design, rapport design, coloring and tissue simulation. More…

MacOSX and Windows.

· Adobe standard software with leading image editing tools
· High profile
· First-class integration into the workflow
· Enforcing easy data exchange through standard formats
· Affordable


Schnittkonstruktion, Gradierung, Schnittbild

PolyPattern – software for Pattern design

Easy-to-learn CAD system for Pattern design, grading, and creating marker images. More…

min. operating system: Windows 7

· Easy-to-use editing system
· Design technique indépendant
· Also suitable for other areas: Home & Interior, consumer goods such as tents, bags, etc.
· Compatible with other systems (opens data from external systems such as Gerber, Lectra, Investronica directly, Assyst via DXF)
· Control of all conventional CAD plotters and digitizers (HP, Lectra, Gerber, Graphtec, Roland …)
· modular