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TRIADEM StylePlugs: Fashion  and Textile design PlugIns for Adobe Photoshop


The TRIADEM StylePlugs are textile design plugins for Adobe Photoshop. They expand the powerful tools of Photoshop to textile functionalities to create fabric designs. They are the ideal tool for fashion and textile designers who create their designs with standard graphics software.
There are plug-ins for print design, repeat design, colouring and fabric simulation.



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Transform Photoshop in Textile software!



Photoshop PlugIn for Dobby Weaving Simulation

The Weaver plugin helps you create high-quality dobby weaving designs such as checks, stripes and madras in many different variations. Access to the collection color list allows you to choose from the appropriate yarn colors.

NEW: Weaver V4: picture overlay function, Weave repeats associated to colours, multiple undo redo …

  • Freehand drawing in warp and weft
  • Weaving formulas input
  • creating new weaves
  • Mirroring, repeating, copy-paste from sequences
  • creating colour variations
  • setting the yarn colours
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TRIADEM Repeater

Repeats and All-Overs

The PlugIn to create repeats.
Repeater allows you to create repeats, all overs using standard drops or defining them as you wish,
scaling rotating and mirroring each individual pattern in the repeat.

  • All-Overs
  • Usual dropdown (1/2, 1/4…)
  • Rotation, symmetry, scaling and mirroring of patterns
  • Random function
  • automatic repeats
  • individual repeat sizes
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TRIADEM Coloration

Colorize Designs, Create Colorways

With Coloration, you define the colours in a design, either automatically or by picking them, and then replace them with
your colorbook colors to define your colorways.



  • define your colours
  • Create your colourways
  • Use .ACO colour lists
  • Create Multi-Channel files
  • Create Reports, Stylesheets
  • Random Function
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Creating,printing and editing colorlists.

Textildesign Plugin to create, print and edit colorlists.

  • Open edit and print  .ACO colourist.
  • Work with colour gradations
  • Create Colourlists
  • Use and choose colours from Pantone-Lists
  • Create and define your colours at will.
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Host Applikation: Adobe Photoshop CS6 / CC
Betriebssystem: MacOSX 10.10 und Windows 7

Weitere Informationen zu Adobe Photoshop finden Sie auf der Website des Herstellers: Adobe.