Repeats & All-Overs

Create seamless repeats.

Repeater: The PlugIn to create repeats.

Repeater allows you to create repeats, all overs using standard drops or defining them as you wish,
scaling rotating and mirroring each individual pattern in the repeat.
A Random function is there to help you the days your creativity is a bit lazy.

The result will be drawn as a new layer in the photoshop file.
The repeated element will also be copied unmodified in a new layer.
MacOSX and Windows

Repeater: Einfacher Halbversatz

All-Over mit Zufallsfunktion

Classic repeat

with just a displacement, or dropdown between the patterns

in the usual ½, ¼, ¾…dropdown. You choose the amount of patterns, the displacement, an then if you wish scale, rotate…

Space between patterns can be changed too, and you have the possibility to set the size of your repeat..

All-Over Repeat

Patterns can be placed at will on the grid, scaled , rotated, mirrored, the program will take care that the resulting tile will repeat seamlessly

Modifiying a Repeat

Each pattern of a repeat can be changed, scaled , rotated at any time..

To achieve this, you can either move and rotate the patterns on screen with the mouse, or give in exact values

for scale, rotation, or size.

The Random Tool

…Allows you to create random repeats.

To do so, you provide the plugin with minimum and maximum parameter for scale and rotation, tell him if you would allow mirroring and

give a percentage of coverage of your repeat.

Repeater´s Tools:

The result repeat

The repeat will be drawn to a new layer in the Photoshop® file. The original pattern remains on a separate layer.

The plug-in changes the document size to the repeat size.

All other Photoshop layers remain intact and unchanged. This means you can use repeaters to create multiple repeats across different layers to create truly complex prints.

All repeats created with repeaters can be edited using Photoshop®, or used as filling styles in Adobe Illustrator.

Wrapper Plugin

Wraper is a module to edit pattern edges to have them match as a repeat.

The wrapper will “fold” the design horizontally and vertically, showing the “seams” of the want to be repeat,

allowing you to edit and mend the edges of the tile.

Once done, Wrapper will fold your design back. Wrapper will keep  your photoshop® layers