Dobby Weaving Simulation

Create woven fabrics. Checks and stripes in a minute.

Weaver: Photoshop PlugIn for Dobby Weaving Simulation.

The Weaver plugin helps you create high-quality dobby weaving designs such as checks, stripes and madras in many different variations. Access to the collection color list allows you to choose from the appropriate yarn colors.

The fabric can be designed with help of mathematical formulas and/or drawing by hand. Everything remains editable: The color pattern repeat in warp and weft can be edited after the fact by moving the individual color blocks.

An extensive and extensible weave library contains the most common weaves. These can be changed and extended at any time with easy-to-use drawing tools. You can also apply several weaves to one fabric.

MacOSX and Windows

NEW: Weaver

With Weaver V4 you will have helpful new functions and lots of improvements in the interface:
Using the tracing tool you will be able to draw over scanned images to create dobby weaving simulations in less time. The new function to define weave repeats makes it very easy to syncronize weaves and color sequences. The new history palette allows for multiple undo and redo.

Weaver: Feihand zeichnen

Weaver: Gewebe ändern

Create woven fabrics

The Weaver Plugin provides two methods to create fabric design simulations:

1. Entering alphanumerical formulas:
You may enter a formula for the warp and weft sequences to generate the fabric simulation.

All formulas can be saved for later use, are editable and can even be combined.

2. Drawing your weave by hand:
You can draw freehand inside the preview to define warp and weft threads. The changes will be repeated automatically within the other sequences.

Yarn colors can be choosen from Colorpicker or from your collection color list.

Edit fabric

Once a weave is created and displayed in the preview, you can change the design at any time by drawing freehand or editing the formula.

Another easy way to edit, is by working with the graphic tool. This tool is a graphic representation of your formula. You can change the individual thread sequences by dragging the edges.

There are also tools for repeating and mirroring sequences.

Create colorways

The colorway window allows you to change the colors of the woven fabric. You can easily replace the colors in warp and weft to get new color variations quickly.

This function saves up to 12 colorways per fabric. The menu allows for recombining warp and weft colors to get lots of variations.

On the left-hand side of the window you can open your collection color card. This can be any Swatch (.aco) file, created in Photoshop or ColorList PlugIn, you want to choose colors from. It is also possible to work with Pantone™ Textile Colors.

Apply weaves

Using the Weave Editor you are able to design and edit your own weaves by drawing crossing points in the point paper view.

The maximum size of the point paper is 64 x 64. You can draw points freehand or use the tools to copy, flip, rotate or invert crossing points.

Weaver PlugIn already comes with a library of standard weaves. You can edit and extend this library at any time.

Weaves can be applied in two ways:

1. One weave for the whole design
2. By using weave repeats allowing for sevaral different weaves in a design.

Work with weave repeats

In the weave repeat window you can specify a different weave for individual threads or thread sequences.
Weave repeats can be applied in warp and weft direction and are editable at any time.

Draw fabric into Photoshop document

Once the design process is done, you can draw your fabric into the active layer of the Photoshop document. The PlugIn can fill the entire layer or draw just one repeat sequence.
This is very useful when working with the pattern fill function in Photoshop or when using pattern tiles in Illustrator to fill sketches.

The simulation can be drawn in two modes:

Flat color mode: will draw all threads in plain color. Such simulations can be easily recolored in Photoshop by using the paint jug.

Yarn simulation mode: this applies a yarn simulation to every single thread to show a more realistic full color simulation.

Save fabric settings

The Weaver PlugIn saves all the information about your fabric design within the context of the Photoshop file!

If you want to go back to changing a design, just open the Photoshop file and the Weaver PlugIn. The PlugIn will gather the weave information from the Photoshop file and allow for further editing. You can change the colors, formulas, crossings, etc. as before.